Voice of Zealandia Episode 8 – Featuring Francesco Dotro of La Rete

In an English language first, Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick, Gilbert and Micheal interview Francesco Dotro, the English speaking liaison for the newly formed Italian Nationalist Group, La Rete. 00:00:00 Intro00:00:52 Overview of La Rete00:14:55 La Rete’s Grievances with Forza Nuova00:23:54 La Rete’s 8 Point Program 00:45:38 Grifter Nationalists and Continue Reading

Voice Of Zealandia Episode 2

Featuring Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick and James Points of discussion: 00:12 Coronavirus and New Zealand three weeks into lockdown 35:25 Music Break 40:50 How joining Action Zealandia has effected our individual members Featured music: Amalec РPalästinalied v.2 https://soundcloud.com/amalecab

Voice Of Zealandia Episode 1

Featuring Action Zealandia members Hector, Cicer and Mike.This week’s points of discussion include the Coronavirus and the ensuing nationwide lockdown. Along with discussion on the bill passed in parliament decriminalising abortion. Featured MusicSynthicide – Tomorrow Belongs to Us – Featuring No White Guilt https://soundcloud.com/synthicidemusic