Strong men are the foundation of strong communities and successful families. Action Zealandia requires that its members be physically fit, independent thinkers. We encourage activities that both keep the body and mind healthy, such as bushwalks, sports, reading books, and writing. Having fit and educated men will shape the success of the movement. Any individuals that partake in self-destructive behaviours such as drug use and sexual deviancy will never be allowed to partake in the movement.


European identity is under threat within New Zealand. Demographic replacement is being brought about by corporations and business that care more about importing foreign cheap labour to maximise their own profits. This is at the expense of the European community. Our current corrupt political class facilitate this by putting money before the needs of the people. Action Zealandia hopes to create a unified voice for concerned NZ Europeans and halt this ongoing replacement.


Action Zealandia’s goal is to create a positive community and brotherhood of young European New Zealanders. Free from drugs, vice and other negative influences. In our current society, the community has been replaced with consumerism and materialism, all the while European New Zealanders are increasingly isolated and left behind. We will achieve this goal via group activities such as rubbish clean-ups, camping, group writing sessions and various forms of activism.


Our homeland is what unites us all and gives us a unified goal and direction. The nation is the greatest extent of our community. Action Zealandia believes that the interests of the country, her environment and her people should be put before the interests of foreign powers and multinational corporations that extract wealth and resources from our nation. For many decades our political class has put international liberal-capitalism and global finance before the interest of the people at the expense of the environment, living standards, and demographic integrity.


Our current socio-economic model is unsustainable on almost every level. Mass migration of cheap foreign labour ensures that we have unsustainable levels of population growth as well as lowering living standards. Unsustainable economic growth is causing massive damage to our environment. New Zealanders are working longer hours for lower pay in worse conditions. Action Zealandia looks to encourage a cultural and economic change that puts sustainability, tradition and increased living standards before the growth of profits of only a select few.