The long awaited episode 51 of Voice of Zealandia. A discussion with Grant from the Australian Natives’ Association.

🔹 00:00:35 Intro
🔹 00:01:44 Grant and his relation to the ANA
🔹 00:02:57 The history and role of the original ANA
🔹 00:10:39 The historical difference of the Sterling and the Currency
🔹 00:14:51 How the Australian ethnic identity and Australian state was formed
🔹 00:24:14 The erosion of the community and the replacement by the state
🔹 00:28:13 The fading away of the original ANA
🔹 00:39:04 Why and how the ANA was reformed
🔹 00:44:45 The failing of other Australian groups and group finance
🔹 00:48:31 Creating a long lasting dissident group compared to a short lasting failure
🔹 01:03:42 Creating an anti-fragile, flexible and long lasting organisation
🔹 01:15:58 Wrap Up and outro
🔹 01:17:51 All Hail Zealandia

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