Featuring Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick and Gilbert. This episode’s topics of discussion includes the Armed Response Team’s disbandment, Gangs, Level 1 and BLM Riots.

Intro: 00:00
Armed Response Team and Gangs: 00:24
Lockdown Level 1: 18:28
Music Break: 22:57
BML Riots: 28:27

Featured Music: Fight for Western Civilisation ยท Xurious https://soundcloud.com/user-625608547

One thought on “Voice of Zealandia Episode 6 – Gangs, Level 1 and Riots”

  1. When someone sends me a link to a video I usually don’t bother to watch it, but this caught my attention:


    Millie Weaver infiltrated a Marxist death-cult called the Sunrise Movement (Mythic Dawn would’ve been a cooler name tbh) anyway, our girl Millie got into their Zoom meetings where a Marxist lady offered her 2 cents, that burning down buildings is a powerful protest statement. I’ve learned that Marxists see all issues as intertwined: protesting against climate change is the same as fighting white “supremacy” and vice versa.


    If I’m correct, this is a climate change organisation, but on the front page there are photos that show banners with the phrases: “end the war on black people” and “defund police”. What about end the war in Afghanistan? In the past I wished for a strong anti-war group that would expose the media’s lies. It never happened. Instead there are anti-white zealots who are obsessed with climate change. Such hive-mind groups exist because they are well-funded and trained by the system. The corporations support them. The media support them. The government support them. The public schools support them. Rage FOR the machine lol.

    These young Red Guard members would spit on religion (with the exception of Islam) and say that organised religion is dumb and obsolete, but their movements are little more than organised religion. The Earth is heating up. Gaia must heal. Destroy industry. Reduce the white population. Stop your carbon sins, brothers. Bow to the black man. It’s a fucking religion in every possible way.

    When white unemployment gets worse in America there will be no more “white privilege”. When things break down for all people, the system will initiate the race war through their BLM proxy army and with the help of doomsday climate cults. Once they destroy enough of America they will call a ceasefire, blame white people for everything, and build an authoritarian socialist state that regulates every aspect of a person’s life.

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