China is the biggest threat to New Zealand’s national security. The spectre of its threat has entered into the mainstream discourse in past years, but we must not be complacent, and COVID-19 is one example of why.

The outbreak of COVID-19 shows that the CCP is not strong enough to counter the deficiencies in Chinese culture. The lies and slow response by the CCP to the outbreak show a level of negligence that should affect NZ’s relationship with China going forward. The CCP’s internal weakness puts us all in danger. That a supposed all-seeing state allows degenerate practices like eating bats to occur shows that the state and party itself is degenerate. Should we really have such a close relationship with a state that puts NZ at risk?

The ‘socialist’ model has a zero per cent success rate, and China’s market socialism looks to combine the post-modernist, culture-destroying model of the left, and the exploitative and dignity-destroying model of contemporary liberalism. Hard-working New Zealanders were already the carrion for US vulture globalists and capitalists, and now the Chinese Hyenas.

China pushes globalisation because, by using free-trade and open economies, they are able to undermine a state. Once they’ve got their hooks into a country, they’ll take advantage of it for their own purpose. Sound familiar? The only way for New Zealand to really retain our identity and dignity is to ensure that New Zealand’s long-term interests come first. Not the short term-profit making interests of our capitalist class. Simply look at how badly having no Chinese exchange students has hurt our education institutions. Do they exist to educate Chinese or New Zealanders? Previously-vital institutions such as Education, like so many other facets of contemporary New Zealand life, now exist at the behest of liberal capitalism and all that it stimulates in the countries it pervades.

To see even greater evidence of this strategy of China’s look at more vulnerable states. By bankrolling countries in the Pacific, they will soon be able to force deals to get their warships in striking distance of NZ. Poor Pacific Island countries have put commerce before their own people and allowed the gigantic Chinese behemoth to get a foot in the door of their small nations. In Vanuatu, China gifted a $28.5m conference centre that is too expensive for Vanuatu to run and pay back the debt on. New Zealand must resist this dependency on China lest we are forced into sacrificing our national security because our economy would crumble without the Chinese consumer.

Furthermore, how can we trust the thousands of Chinese migrants, tourists, or students, who come to our country each year? It is likely many of them are here to take intellectual property back to China where it will then be recreated and sold on the market undermining the original hard work of New Zealanders. Even in the US, there is a consensus-building between the Republicans and Democrats against Chinese interference in the US economy.

As we have seen with the lockdown, and as we have previously discussed, we don’t need to be constantly consuming cheap goods, nor do we need to be exporting our natural resources to developing countries that seek to overwhelm us. It is not New Zealand’s obligation to lift the Chinese out of poverty. They condemn themselves to that when they don’t fight back against a socialist dictatorship. Instead, reliance on China only makes New Zealanders vulnerable to the whims of Beijing. And it is every New Zealanders’ duty to turn that around by boycotting China in all its forms.

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  1. >Even in the US, there is a consensus-building between the Republicans and Democrats against Chinese interference in the US economy.

    This is because the US are preparing for a conflict with China. It has nothing to do with being patriotic and protecting the US from foreign interference, everyone knows that the US has been dominated by foreign interference for a long time and the Republicans and the Democrats have never spoken out about it, you would have to be truly gullible to believe they are doing it all of a sudden for the right reasons. As far as I’m aware, the Chinese don’t control our mainstream media, they don’t control our government or anything else of significance in our country except for some water bottling plants. If the Chinese wanted to change a law in our country that went against the agenda of the international capitalist elite, we all know they wouldn’t get their way because they don’t hold any true power here. We all know who is behind all the degeneration of our culture in New Zealand. It wasn’t the Chinese that were pushing abortion, gay marriage, mass immigration or the breakdown of the family and Christian values, was it? If you guys are gonna remain anonymous, which is a completely reasonable choice, why don’t you talk about the group that are behind the REAL problems we all face? Even Nick Fuentes does it without hiding behind anonymity, and he’s still considered “good optics”. Give it a go, you could make a difference.

    1. Hi, Kiwi Patriot.
      Liberal capitalism — the imperialism of our era — facilitates China’s ability to influence New Zealand. There are many reasons why we are at the stage we are at, and, as you suggest, Jewish (the cultural distorters) influence has played an enormous role in many respects. We don’t have any issue with naming them, however, it is moronic to believe that the Jew is to blame for all our ills. One must take personal responsibility for one’s actions and accept that the present society in which we reside exists in the way that it does in large part because of a complete degeneration of culture and tradition which we allowed. The superficiality that is a vital element of liberal capitalism helps to cultivate attitudes that allow our people to be swayed to support policy and practices that aid in China’s influence over NZ. The new National Party leader on the news tonight said that it was crucial that NZ opens its borders to China soon. What does that tell you, Mr Patriot? It may not have been the Chinese pushing for changes in the social climate that have fostered the change of values in the West over the past century, but they’re certainly taking advantage of our decaying society. Falling into the trap of having meme-tier opinions on cultural distorters and cultural parasites like Jews and focusing on them is lazy and tedious.
      Feel free to knock out some Fuentes redpills if it makes you happy, but it’s not going to change the fact that he, and presumably you, live in a depth-deprived world not dissimilar from modern liberals; the only difference being you found yours in memes and infographics on /pol/ because you’re an edgy contrarian.
      Thanks for the advice though.

      1. Hi Mike,

        I appreciate the reply. I totally agree with you, China are taking advantage of our weakness. I’m sure if we were like this in the 19th century it would have been the French or the Spanish taking advantage of us, it depends on who is strong and right now that is the Chinese. Thank you for clearing up that you are not afraid to talk about Jewry, my reason for believing that was because I’ve never seen it discussed on AZ’s website until your comment tonight. I’m sure you can understand that my assumption was reasonable given how many articles are on AZ’s website, it seems unlikely that the Jews have been absent from these so many times unless AZ has some sort of policy to avoid talking about them. I don’t believe in the view that Jews are all to blame, of course it is not that black and white and we have ourselves and others too, I just appreciate it when people have the courage to talk about it and I believe it needs to be discussed far more than it currently does. You seem to be getting a bit personal at the end there soldier, we get it bro you’ve read some Yockey and Evola and now you’re a deep thinking intellectual, anyone that contradicts your world view is an un-educated pleb that learns everything from /pol/ memes, nice one bro you got me, have a cookie and some humility. But seriously apart from all your emotional passive aggressive assumptions in the last three sentences I agree with all your points, good job.

        1. You’re obviously a universal genius like me, mate, so why are you seeking to pressure AZ into your tired, old cookie cutter? The chat is by the by and entirely superfluous.

  2. Yet another website fixated with Jews? Just what is NOT needed, just as A-Z has thankfully refrained from the neo-con liberal fixation with Muslims. Such reductionism detracts from causes, and focuses on symptoms, and not even primary symptoms.

    Good article on China, to which NZ sacrificed its manufacturing to slot into an Asian economic bloc.

    1. Kerry, would you not agree that the neo-con fixation has switched from the Muslims to the Chinese? That was actually my main concern with all this fixation on China. Right now neo-cons such as Mike Pompeo are being strongly anti-Chinese in the media, along with Trump and Fox News. It is very similar to their anti-Muslim agenda after 9/11 to get people in the mood for war. They took advantage of the Christian population’s natural tendency to hate Muslims as they are now doing with people’s hatred for the Chinese. Now they are blaming China for the Covid-19 outbreak and the law changes in Hong Kong it is looking like they are preparing for a conflict with China. Just search “China” on Google News and take a look at how much anti-Chinese propaganda the mainstream media are putting out, and if you read it you will see this is all coming from neo-cons based on little evidence.

  3. I think there is no use trying to look for a common policy from the USA and that it has long existed with competing power centers, which might converge or might be in opposition. For example, the Zionist lobby is not always in accord with oil and other interests. Kissinger for e..g., portrayed as the ultimate ‘Zionist’ mastermind, was a protege of the Rockefeller, not of Zionism, and he was often critical of Israel.

    The international financial coteries centered around Rockefeller have assiduously cultivated China for decades, and this has not changed. I think that from a rightist position it is a matter of ‘a plague on both your houses’, and I would certainly not want NZ to be drawn into deeper the US orbit for protection from China.
    Trump and neocons will pass, but Goldman Sachs will live on… to these people whoever runs things in Washington is not crucial.

    Ideally, I think we should one day look to an Indo-Russian alliance for the region, as I think regional relationships will change, propelled by environmental problems.

  4. Having the right views for the wrong reasons you could say in some instances in the case of the these neocons. Regardless of them, the China problem gives us the opportunity to express anti-materialistic and ‘nationalistic’ values in a more user-friendly manner. In this week’s podcast we talk about elements of the China issue, however, our conversations are off the cuff and quite casual.

      1. Reads like something I’ve read 100 times before over the years. However close to the truth such conspiracies may be either in reality or merely as conceptuals, focusing on such things is tedious and overdone. As Dr Bolton said previously, these are secondary issues. Yet, like so many other trivialities, they dominate people’s lives. Stepping over that the best way to overcome the international cabals.

        1. Mike E what would be the primary issue in terms of this covid lockdown? The fact that they are lying about the danger of it seems like a pretty big issue to me.

          1. Building a society around the mass transportation of people and goods and by extension deracinating people from culture, making them individual, ‘global’ citizens.

      2. What I am impressed with is Prosser’s knowledge of the role of international banking coteries in politics, which makes him as a thinker head and shoulders over most. Whether he translates that into a coherent philosophy is another matter, and would be rarer still.

        As for the lockdown, it is the only few months of my 63 years that I can say that NZ approached a sense of ‘almost-community’ , when there was a common sense of purpose and restraint. That so many businesses so easily collapsed indicates a deeper malaise in the economic system.

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