In this article I will discuss why second chances are so important in the nationalist community. as well as some of the inexcusable behaviors that can never be forgiven. You must discard the toxic neoliberal way of thinking— the one that suggests we let our countries and cultures change beyond all recognition— because if you don’t it will destroy you mentally, physically and spiritually. The only positive, sustainable and sane way forward is a nationalistic worldview. It will not only turn you into a decent human being, but it will also save your soul.

I myself was a mindless consumer— a cog in the meat grinder we call modern society— with no goals or direction in life. I followed the current form of liberalism, the sole purpose of which is to work, meaninglessly consume, and then die; all in the name of ‘progress’. Simply exist, care only for yourself, and don’t work for something bigger and better for generations to come like our ancestors did before us; that’s the subtext. I felt as though I only existed for a simple ‘dopamine hit’ during my week, by looking forward to the next party, the next television series or the next taste of fast food. It certainly was a meaningless existence.

Then I had my awakening, took my second chance with both hands, and gripped tight. I can never go back to what I was. Once the light touches the darkness, everything that darkness was covering is illuminated, and you know exactly what is there. It is liberating to see what our adversaries are trying to achieve.

Why are second chances important?

We have noticed that things have taken a turn for the worse within the current system that rules our countries. We are in 3rd generational warfare and the majority of the population do not even know it is happening. I and many others like myself now understand that it’s happening, and that we need to do something about it. If we don’t stand up like men, then the world will devolve further as white Europeans continue to vanish. Forces much larger than ourselves are dictating these changes, and sometimes good people get caught up in it and believe what is happening around them is normal and acceptable. Where there are no objective standards there are no standards at all.

We are not just consumer units that exist to make oligarchs wealthy. We are made for much more than that, which is primarily what I am talking about with second chances: the ability to understand what our elites are doing, doing something about it, and cleaning up our lives in the process. I now feel that I have a goal in life, which is to take back my culture and heritage, and provide an existence that I can be proud of for my children and their children. This is my duty as a man and I simply have not felt anything like this before. All of this coincides with my new found love of my spiritual side, and I feel I now have a mission that is bigger than myself as an individual. I put my trust in something bigger than I can ever be; which is not to say I’ll take a passive stance on everything around me and put my trust in God to fix things, because that simply will not cut it. He needs his warriors.

I know now that when times are tough, something will always guide me and help me solve the problems that are now facing our people. This is a long-term fight that takes a stoic mindset. Most urbanite liberal-leftists only think about their individual and material pleasures, which they believe to be a moral good. Their perspective on the world extends no further than the whims of whatever social triviality is currently passing by. They do not believe in anything bigger than themselves- such as God- or a community rooted in history; but instead in some form of faux community based on degenerate ’subcultures’. Just take a look at all the paedophiles associated with the gay pride movement for example. Real communities have a basis in history, ancestry and tradition; they are not based on deviancy and the
whimsical fancies of atomised, moral reprobates.

Now, as a reformed person that has become awakened, what can you do to help others with gaining their second chance?

You now have knowledge of what our ruling monetary elites are trying to do to us. I have written in previous articles about popping the neoliberal dream-bubble that most people are affected by just as I was. But for this article, I want to refer back to past destructive and immoral addictions that may have affected you in the past and that you might not be too happy about. If certain habits such as drugs, pornography, destructive gambling, or alcoholism have affected you in the past, you know exactly how these addictions can take the best from people. Understanding how these
things grip people and what the effects are is important. You may have friends and family who would be perfect for our righteous movement, but their addictions grip them and won’t let them go. If you’ve shared their problems in the past, YOU can be the leverage to pop that vice, as you can most likely connect on a level they can understand. It will of course be up to them to confront those internal demons that have become so normalised in our contemporary era. As we know, the system requires people to be gripped by these addictions, and our ruling class wants weak men and women who are easier to control and mold into a perfect slave class who won’t resist.

However, YOU can show those around you the path to good health and self-overcoming.

Our enemy currently has a lot of control, but one thing they cannot control is one’s health and wellbeing, if the willpower is there. If you yourself have mastered these things, then you can be someone who others can aspire to
become. If you yourself are still affected however, you will first need to fix yourself, otherwise your conversations will fall on deaf ears. We need healthy leaders to encourage the necessary changes amongst the White population of New Zealand.

It is all well and good to discuss what can be forgiven, however certain things can never be. Throughout history, traditional peoples have created simple but very effective rules to create strong communities that last. These rules usually revolve around religious texts or a strong sense of community-based rules developed over time. These rules often exist to perturb and expel paedophilia, rape, betrayal of the community and unjustified murder. Our current system is too soft on these types of crimes and quite frankly, it seems like they are encouraged at this point. Our enemy prey on the innocent and unaware, which we have all witnessed by now on social media. Neoliberal control requires that our communities remain weak, with no sense of history, culture or tradition.

The movement towards functioning communities is inevitable, as every people should be able to advocate for their own interests. We will never forget our past, and no amount of brainwashing by the television media, social media, and our school system will work to discourage us. Our children will be taught differently.

Nationalists have a mission in this world, and it all depends on whether you are willing to accept this mission and put your faith in something bigger than yourself. We all need to do what is best for our people. You will know if you have taken this second chance and left your addictions behind, and are willing to focus on the tasks ahead. It is up to you, after all, and what has been seen cannot be unseen. Help your fellow people with this as well, and they will make some of the most loyal friends, family, and comrades. We cannot win this struggle as individuals, we need a strong collective willing to put their people above themselves. In the recent withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan, literally just watched the most allegedly sophisticated fighting force ever to exist, lose to a fanatical group of nomadic goat herders who had enough willpower to overcome insurmountable odds and defeat the globalist machine. So think about that if you are contemplating giving up and not taking your God-given second chance to do something great.

3 thoughts on “Second Chances – Breaking Away from the Liberal Paradigm”

  1. Couldn’t disagree more
    A social degenerate should be given a second chance.
    If the axe fell straight away they’d be thinking twice about their stupidity

    1. We live in the ashes of civilization.

      We have people we know that have known nothing but the system that wishes to turn us into a social degenerates. We must be forgiving to some like God teaches…. they can be our greatest allies as they have seen rock bottom.

      But like I mentioned this has it’s limits. We can’t forgive certain actions….

      In saying that. In our ideal society we wouldn’t be so forgiving of social degenerates. But because our supposed leaders have let our communities turn into the “weimar republic.” We must rebuild stronger.

  2. One man’s social degenerate is another man’s hero – it all depends on your point of view.

    I agree with you – frankly no one is perfect and ones worldview always evolves.

    Who judges the judges??

    Interesting in Old Testament descriptions of the Tabernacle of God … the Ark of the Covenant placed in the Holy of Holies of the Tent … was covered by a lid with 2 carved Cherubim called the “mercy seat” – described as “where God met with the High Priest”. In other words – the divine manifested over a place of mercy (forgiveness)

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