Out-of-touch so-called “mainstream media” articles reveal the story of how New Zealand’s media and their imported “journalists” like far-left fringe conspiracy theorist Marc Daalder are totally nonsensical in their reports while they desperately attempt to control the narrative.

While Jewish conspiracy theorist Marc Daalder is busy claiming “the convoy wasn’t supposed to end this way” the protests at Parliament have grown significantly this Saturday 12th February with tens of thousands of people estimated to be at the protest despite very wet weather.  One estimate suggests that there are about 20,000 people in attendance.  The Wellington protest hasn’t ended, as this weekend there have been even more convoys joining in the protest, adding to their size.

Despite claims from some establishment figures that everyone in opposition to the mandates is unemployed, it is likely that the number of protesters in the capital has increased significantly this Saturday due to government mandates coercing good hard working people into taking “boosters” or else risk losing or otherwise being unable to do their jobs yet again.  The extraordinary pressure to shoot up yet again (dose three) with a highly experimental “booster” this February comes after New Zealanders were told by the New Zealand government and their wide-reaching tax-payer funded advertising campaigns pressuring New Zealanders to get “two shots for summer”.  Call it semantics if you will, but Summer’s not over yet, so therefore that would be three shots for summer, unless you are living in some kind of “splintered reality”.

What organisers were hoping would be a mass movement shutting down the nation’s capital until vaccine mandates were removed is only growing in support, with numbers at Parliament and the surrounding area increasing this weekend despite the rain.  In addition to this are the many social media users commenting on how much they wish they could be there too, sending so much love and support to all those who turned up to peacefully protest for the rights and freedoms of all New Zealanders.

While anti-freedom conspiracy theorists are desperate to paint the movement as being full of “violent extremists”in reality the protesters have been very peaceful.

A reported 122 people were arrested on Thursday 10th February with photos and videos showing extreme brutality toward the peaceful protesters by some police officers.  Video footage shows a policeman violently dragging a naked-looking woman out from the crowd by her hair, and while two officers pin her small limp body on the ground, a third police officer comes along and kneels on her head/neck.  At no point in the footage did the naked -looking woman appear to be resisting arrest, so the force was well beyond necessary.  There are also reports of a woman who was peacefully protesting ending up with a fractured sternum due to the excessive amount of forced used against her by a policewoman.
Photos and video of a 17-year-old boy being pinned on the ground by two police officers, then having a third police officer come over and apply his body weight upon the boys head have rightfully cause outrage.  The teenage boy also did not appear to be resisting arrest, and the footage has shocked many in this Nation who trusted our police force and never expected that level of force to be levelled against peaceful protesters.

Those who like to single-handedly control the narrative appear to be worried that independent media organisations exist, and that evidence of the events unfolding can be shared on social media without their dictatorial “single source of truth” narrative being able penetrate because people can see for themselves what is actually happening.  When they lack control of the narrative they always pull out their standard condescending terms like “extremist” and “misinformation” to describe everyone/thing that does not agree with their narrative.

While the well-funded (thanks to tax-payers) “mainstream media’s” journalists and people who like to think they’re important try to tell you what you should think, they neglect to realise that they and the false narratives they themselves peddle only threaten to further fray New Zealand’s social fabric.

It is interesting that anyone in the establishment even cares about about further fraying of New Zealand’s social fabric – wasn’t the mass immigration of people from foreign lands, cultures and belief systems intended to destroy the social fabric of this country so that we cannot unite?  The open borders that allowed people like Jewish “journalist” Marc Daalder into New Zealand directly frays New Zealand’s social fabric, and we are supposed to celebrate that or else be labelled an “anti-Semite” or other such slur.  Do they really expect to just dictate insane policies that destroy our social fabric and for us to blindly believe and obey without the social fabric fraying?

A viral moment

The speed at which the convoy went from an event in Canada to an online discussion in New Zealand is extremely impressive, and shows the tremendous amount of support New Zealanders and people all around the “free” world have for the convoys, and just how much people value their freedom and want to break free from restrictive and illogical mandates.  It also shows the unity that exists among so many very different groups of society, and how we can unite when we share a common cause, which is clearly extremely worrying for the globalist powers that be.

While the online platforms are being monitored and potentially infiltrated by anti-freedom folks who consider anything they disagree with to be “misinformation”, they still report that a private Facebook group supporting the Convoy 2022 NZ effort had 7200 members and has rapidly grown to nearly 70,000 (now 78,000).  These numbers tell us that tens of thousands on Facebook alone are interested in, and supportive of, the New Zealand Convoy.  This shows amazing unity in spite of the extreme propaganda citizens have been subjected to.

We are in agreement with the “mainstream media” that it is very impressive the speed at which the idea of a freedom convoy in New Zealand quickly grew into a reality.

At the time the New Zealand convoy plans were launched, the truckers’ occupation of Ottawa was the big story in the pro-freedom anti-tyranny anti-big-pharma movement globally.

As so many New Zealanders wanted to join the convoy – not only truckers – the convoy in New Zealand also included a wide variety of vehicle types – numbering well into the thousands.  The convoy also had tens of thousands of supporters cheering on the convoy from road sides, over-bridges, roundabouts, in big cities, in small towns and dotted all along our beautiful farming communities.

There are claims that the convoy “came from nowhere” – however it clearly came from two years of overreaching policies; the constant pressure to take an ever increasing number of experimental shots despite the number of COVID cases, hospitalisations and deaths in the so-called “vaccinated”, the number of people experiencing side effects from the jabs which in some cases are life-changing or even life-ending, the state-mandated theft of our freedoms and jobs and the en masse lies and misinformation spread by the government and their media arm claiming the “vaccine” was “safe and effective”.

The only way that it is “safe and effective” is if you don’t believe in standards, as it doesn’t meet the safety and efficiency standards of any of the previously approved vaccines.

Also a significant number of people are concerned about the potential damage that this is doing to our children, and to other younger people who are at extremely low risk from the virus; many signs had slogans like “HANDS OFF OUR CHILDREN”. 

Convoy’s big tent

Despite claims that there are extremists everywhere you look, the overwhelming majority of supporters are peaceful folks who just want an end to the mandates, for some sanity to be returned to government so that their lives and jobs/businesses/sports can go back to normal without being discriminated against and continually subjected to constant new mandates at the whim of this government.

It is hard to know if the extremely small numbers of agitators present, who are allegedly calling for violence, are government agents, leftist agitators, or even undercover police trying to make the movement look bad.

What Marc Daadler claims was “the decisive moment” came on Wednesday afternoon. Four days prior, a concerned New Zealander by the name of Brett Power had lodged a civil complaint against Andrew Little in the High Court in New Plymouth, accusing the health minister of murder because of all the reported “vaccine” deaths, which have been almost completely ignored and talked down, all the while we hear constantly about COVID deaths.

At 3.15pm on Wednesday, Brett Power attempted to peacefully walk past police to go up to the Parliament building and serve his legal papers to Andrew Little.  Power made it clear that he would not resist arrest if he was arrested in his attempt to peacefully deliver the papers to Andrew Little.  He was arrested without resisting and was later released.  Far-left conspiracy theorists claim the preordained punishment for Andrew Little was to be execution, however they provide no evidence to support this claim.

This is the point at which it is alleged that the convoy’s original organisers lost all control.  However with the way peaceful protest organisers have been targeted by the government, fined, and even imprisoned it appears that a movement without organisers is the best option for everyone involved so it is no surprise if leaders quit being leaders.

Apparently police have since expressed frustration with the lack of official leadership at the event, saying it makes it difficult for them to liaise with the crowd.  Maybe this is something they should have considered before they went about arresting, fining and targeting previous organisers.

Byron Clark, a far-left extremist who is obsessed with following and targeting what he considers to be New Zealand’s extreme right, claimed that Counterspin’s influence over the crowd was evident.

It is claimed that “angry online exchanges between Counterspin and the FRC made headlines in the mainstream media, but few noticed that the official organisers were effectively in the dark after Wednesday.” It is true that many did not even notice as they were either there protesting, dancing, singing or supporting from home on their own accord and not because some group or media organisation told them what to do or think.

There are clearly more than two different worlds, as people continue to reject what the establishment figures try to peddle as “reality”.  The more we are expected to believe lies and misinformation spread by our government and self-important media figures like Marc Daalder, the more society will fracture.

There are even sensationalised claims of the protests “being hijacked by elements within the country and possibly outside as a vehicle to push their own agenda”.  This sounds just like what many people worry has happened to our own government, which is supposed to represent – not repress – the people of this Nation. 

As we see the extreme power foreign Jewish-run big-pharma big-profit corporations like Pfizer hold over our country more and more people become concerned.  Many are also concerned by the increasing influence of Klaus “you’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy” Schwab’s World Economic Forum, with the WEF appearing to have exercised a significant amount of sway over the events that have unfolded all around the Western world in recent years.

Not just that- among the WEF Young Global Leaders of presidents, prime ministers, actors, social media founders and influencers is our very own Jacinda Ardern.

Everyday that passes more and more people are waking up to the power these unelected globalist organisations hold over our lives, how they work in the background to control who our “democratically elected” leaders are and how controlled we are by our government, social media censorship, “mainstream media”, TV and entertainment.  People are starting to see just how controlled our so-called “democracy” really is.

Now millions in the Western world – from various backgrounds – just want to break free and get these globalists off of our collective necks.

There are published claims that “because the convoy tried to hold both moderate and extreme elements under the same roof, the whole house has now been seized by the extremists.”  Sounds like this is more apparent with what is happening in our own government.  They are destroying the middle class for the benefit of globalist kleptomaniacs and oligarchical extremists.  While we have been locked-down and our small businesses have been killed the wealth of billionaires worldwide has skyrocketed in what has become the biggest wealth transfer in recent history.

It has become very clear that this is not about our health.

Daalder says “there are still clear divides among the protesters.” Something that should be expected when you have such a wide range of people from different backgrounds all coming together for the same cause; ending the mandates.  People need to stay focused on the goal of ending the mandates and to bar external forces who wish to divide and conquer for their own power from any control over your body, your kids, your finances, your business, and your possessions.

The “mainstream media” vs the people

It’s entertaining to watch the “mainstream media” sweat over what they refer to as “anti-vaxxer” Chantelle Baker, who “with five videos, generating more video views than 73 videos put out by NZ Herald in the same 24-hour period.”  They are hell-bent on saying she’s spreading “misinformation”; all the while not actually stating what exactly she said that was “misinformation”.

Establishment figures claim it is just a “small misinfo/disinfo community who are pushing out real-time footage and coverage and framing about something that is happening that is fundamentally different to what the mainstream media is putting out.”  Does it surprise anyone that so many people have lost trust in the so-called “mainstream media” when they constantly refer to the truth as “misinfo/disinfo”, even when there is real-time footage backing up what the so-called “misinfo/disinfo community” are saying.

Maybe one of the reasons these social media figures and alternative media are so popular is not only because they tell us the truth that the “mainstream media” won’t, but also because they allow open comments, unlike the “mainstream media” who clearly are too worried about being discredited if they did allow comments. Newsroom’s comments are restricted to those with a paid subscription; hence no open conversation is allowed.

The “mainstream media” article claimed that “these splintered realities risk setting us on the course towards splintered societies.”  But wasn’t that what they wanted when they forced people to take experimental injections they did not want, use “vaccine” passports/digital IDs and fired people from their jobs.  They created splintered societies so naturally we now have splintered societies.  If they didn’t want “splintered societies” they simply wouldn’t have forced these mandates on us.  The lack of self-awareness is staggering.

When the “mainstream media” publish absolute nonsense comparing the Freedom protest to a “terror attack, not because of the physical impact on people but because of the social and political impact on New Zealand as a whole” it is not surprising people are tuning out from such sensationalist rubbish.  The people are instead choosing to live in reality, while the “mainstream media” pushes sensationalised misinformation that may as well just be called fiction.

If anything the terror is coming from the government and media which are forcing people to repeatedly take an experimental injection that they do not want to take, even if they have suffered very significant “side effects” from their first injection.

“Mainstream media” have published that “the more social cohesion frays, the harder it is to rein in violent extremism”.  If this is the case, then one can only wonder why they continue to push for more social breakdown and to isolate, demonise and villainise ever increasing sections of New Zealand society.
The only answer to this is: that they themselves know that what they are doing is pushing the affected past any reasonable limits and so they must constantly gaslight the public into believing that everything taken from them is their own fault, lest the public realises that the government are the true cause of this strife and that they in turn must rise up with the convoys in objection to our vile, tyrannical rulers.


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