Another busy month

September was another month of action for our members up and down the country. We would like to give a shout out to the new public launch of the Palmerston North and Christchurch chapters! We continue to grow in size and strength. 

This month we also launched the official Facebook page for the movement. Give us a like!


This month, we had another three articles written by our membership:

Social Media Censorship of Dissidents

Looks into Big Tech’s history of censoring dissidents, and where to go from here

The Old Man and The Snow

A somber retelling of the tragic events that would kill over one hundred gold miners and their families in the south, during the long winter of 1863.

The Bluenoses

Looks into the unique journey of Nova Scotian settlers coming to New Zealand, and their impact on our country.

Stickers, Stickers and Stickers

This month was the launch of our country-wide stickering campaign. Our membership have been getting the word out and stickering our message in multiple cities up and down the country. There is an alternative to our broken society. European men are waking up!

Palmerston North

As more and more young men heed our call and reject consumerism, vice and degeneracy in favor of brotherhood, self-improvement and nationalism, we will grow stronger as a movement and as individuals.


Cardio and Clean-up

Our Auckland members woke up early for a 4km run through Devonport and up the North Head hill. Members all encouraged each other and every member successfully completed the run regardless of individual fitness levels.

Atop North Head, members enjoyed the view and the sunshine, followed by an exploration of the hill’s old tunnel network dug during the second world war.

Rubbish prevented entering our Waterways

Members ran back to Devonport and took part in a rubbish clean-up of Devonport park and beach. As always, be sure to thank your local nationalists for preventing rubbish from entering our waterways and causing damage to our aquatic ecosystem. This was followed by lunch at a local pub.

Hunua Bushwalk

Our members yet again escaped the city and went on a bushwalk trough the Hunua Ranges. They started out by visiting and admiring the natural beauty of the waterfall. This was then followed by a trek to the dam via the Cossey Gorge Track, upon reaching the dam we returned to the waterfall. The walk was then followed by a group lunch.

Respecting the Fallen

Our Members visited the Auckland War Memorial to reflect on the history of our nation, and to pay respects to those that died in the Boer War, World War One, World War Two and beyond. Terrible wars that should have never happened. We hope no more wars of this kind ever happen again between European brothers.

Manawatu Gorge Bushwalk

Our Palmerston North Members took part in a hike up the Manawatu Gorge loop track. During the hike the members were able to self-reflect and attune with nature.

More men are organizing!

The new Christchurch branch met for the first time to discuss potential recruitment and future group events. They will no doubt grow into a large and successful branch!

4 thoughts on “September 2019 Action Summary”

  1. Some stickers are all it takes to make the news media, Left, and a gaggle of ‘scholars’ (sic) become histrionic.

    Note the Maori sovereignty flag carried by a small group of protesters at Auckland University, demanding that administrative action be taken against this veritable blitzkreig of racism on campus. Maori sovereignty implies a separate identity, which is surely a right-wing position, not one of the Left. Are these protesters then really nothing other than anti-White bigots projecting their own bigotry on to others?

    Between Action Zealandia and Maori sovereignty proponents one would think there was an organic accord. One might suspect that their Maori sovereignty ideals have been compromised and bastardised by a heavy dose of Marxism, probably inculcated by some Pakeha Marxist lecturer.

    One can indeed learn a lot from Marx et al:

    (1) anyone who prattles about ‘white privilege’ should disabuse himself by reading Engels’ ‘Condition of the Working Class in England’.

    (2) Marx believes that some ‘peoples’ (sic) were more advanced than others and always would be so far as upholding the future world Communist Utopia was cornered. That is, these were the ‘peoples’ who had advanced the most industrially – Germans and British, one must assume; while Jews would be so secularised that they would cease to exist as a ‘people’.

    (3) Marx upheld colonisation as an essential phase of the historical dialectical necessary to industrialize the ‘savage’ regions before socialism was possible. Socialism could not proceed without a region first becoming capitalist.

    (4) In contradistinction to the Traditionalist character of the Right, Marx held that India and the Orient as a whole never has and never could possess a real civilization – which in leftist terms is to say ‘progressive’ – of their own, and must have industrialization imposed by the industrial states. That is to say, he was a proponent of what is now called ‘globalistaion’. To Marx the Orient was stagnant and always had been.

    (5) As an aside, one might as well mention,for the benefit of the many ‘gays’ attracted by the identity politics of the Left, Marx and Engels were utterly disparaging of homosexuals.

    1. You definitely have a point, people in the Maori sovereignty movement should respect European NZers that are trying to do a similar thing for their people. In fact it would be ideal if we could actually cooperate to some extent in the future, hopefully the Maori will value nationalism in the future. However the Maori at the anti white protest did not represent their people well. They call as “supremacist” while they demand sovereignty and an exclusive identity for themselves, yet they would try and deny others this right. Ironically they are the ones that are acting like supremacists.

  2. At the end of the day I hardly care about race, the biggest battle is zoomers versus boomers. If you’re under 35 you’re a zoomer; if over 35 you’re a boomer. The media loves to use Maoris for political propaganda while ignoring double standards and ageism against zoomers. Age is the issue more than race, in my opinion.

    Boomers in the media love the race issue because it lets them control the narrative. The boomer media raised the idea that foreign ownership drove house prices higher, while they skilfully ignored the Resource Management Act. Of course boomers love the RMA because it means you have to be in the top 30% wealth bracket to design, build, and pay for a house (I say wealth bracket not income bracket because many boomers don’t work, they live off the shares of “air business” e.g. car finance companies that target zoomers, totally not usury right, hahahaha)

    Thanks to the RMA, boomer accountants can go to their lawyer buddy who they drank kegs with back in the 70s and their lawyer mate will find a farmer on the edge of town with some land. They’ll buy the land with thousands of dollars that they’re got after committing tax fraud for decades, and then they get their newly purchased land zoned as residential. They divvy it up and sell it to zoomers, but only after marking it up by 400%. Naturally these properties (2 bedroom townhouses on Corsair Drive, Wigram, for ONLY $600,000… lol) all get purchased by wealthy Indian and Chinese immigrants or boomers, but the immigrants are merely a secondary problem from boomers. You can’t blame the Indians or the Chinese for wanting to flee their slum-infested, heavily-polluted urban waste-lands.

    Boomers like Jeff Bezos love immigration because it drives up the already inflated rental value of property and allows boomers to extort even more money from oppressed zoomers. Prices go up, and the features and quality of property goes down. Fantastic for boomers, just ruin your own country I guess, seeing as you can do it without consequence and leave it for AZ to fix once you’re gone (get in that nursing home damn you!).

    Nearly done on this boomer thing, keep reading you’re almost there…..

    Turn on your TV and see America’s Got Talent or The Project and look at the boomers, they get paid $80,000 – $100,000 to do irl shitposting on television a few nights a week. Most of the men are 45-60 and are covered with wrinkles, and the ones that aren’t wrinkly have had plastic surgery (cheek filler and botox) like Simon from AGT. The women likely do the same, but they also use more make-up than the men and can delay the surgery for longer.

    At every level of society, be it government, entertainment or the workplace, boomers control everything. Don’t fall for the racism trap by assuming that all Asian countries are full of pollution, cheap labour and AIDS infected child prostitutes. Racism is bad mccckaay.

  3. You guys know why the Soviet Union collapsed right? Too many old pricks in the politbureau and they were running the economy according to old rules. They didn’t adapt to change when it was necessary and now communism is a dirty word to many Russians. Communism could have survived but not with geezers at the wheel. Anyway I’ll get to my point, the same problem exists in NZ. We have boomers like Andrew Little who’re in charge and they can’t see how retarded they are.

    One of Labour’s ideas was to build more houses but I’ve seen no proof of them building houses in Canterbury. They said it was for families but that doesn’t suit everyone. Since most people get divorced and swap partners these days (degenerate af) they should build one room, one garage accommodation (plus a bonus bike shed).

    Shouldn’t have to “partner up” to get a good value rental. Stay single, rent a one bedroom place, marry and then look at bigger property. Labour only wants to build large houses for over 35s and they failed to deliver on that anyway.

    Boomers haven’t caught up with any of the modern trends and that’s why the Labour government has failed. It’s all about old people and their dry policy. No energy, no action. Jacinda Ardern and Andrew Little are too old to understand. I doubt there is an MP in the 30-35 range. Why bother investing false hope in these scumbag boomer politicians when you can give all your energy and money to based zoomers.

    The news reports in March this year (SIS plans to counter the “far-right”) is another symptom of boomer control going crazy as it flails on its death bed. Ardern and Little wish to slam NZ into the ground nose first, rather than allow for sensible reforms. They should admit that they’re too old for this job.

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