The boomer truth regime is slang for the mental prison inflicted upon the population by the establishment, which makes them criticise and attack any inconvenient truth that threatens this prescribed worldview that has been orchestrated by the ruling oligarchs. They will usually do this by calling you a conspiracy theorist or a racist. This mainly affects the older generation often referred to as Boomers. That’s where the slang came from. When I was younger I used to make fun of them for believing the most unrealistic and unbelievable things. But since I am now seeing a bigger picture, I am starting to see this same trend among the younger generation. This mental prison is not achieved through traditional means, like the fake news media, music, or Hollywood, but instead orchestrated via social media influencers on platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter. But also streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. It is a part of an evolution from traditional forms of propaganda manufacturing, such as newspapers and television, to the intensified information sharing of today.

As we know, influencing the population with propaganda by manufacturing consent is not new, but the scale, sophistication, and speed at which it can now be achieved are different. It used to be easy to control the local television, newspaper, and radio station, which by extension controlled the narrative that the general public moved with. However, these traditional means are dying out as the younger generations emerge with the creation of and widespread use of the internet. Things are no longer as centralised as far as information outlets are concerned, even if many of the messages remain so. Anyone can now purchase a mobile phone, film, and upload things to the internet. One low-quality video can defeat teams of paid propaganda artists using the traditional media and reach a larger audience. As we saw with George “fentanyl” Floyd, a drug-addicted felon who beat a pregnant woman and who overdosed on fentanyl on camera. Because the video was able to capture a particular sentiment in America’s current cultural ethos, it looked terrible and was able to create a particularly strong narrative as a result. Because of the selective editing and play of the video, the establishment was able to control the narrative and force their agenda which was that white people are, bluntly speaking, evil and hate black people. This was pushed to the often-passive masses on media platforms. We notice certain slants with these new streaming services. It is all too common for the younger generation to binge-watch shows on streaming services such as Netflix. These shows are full of neoliberal propaganda from start to finish. It pushes these weird fringe ideas as normal, and because a lot of the younger generation are to believe it is normal to consume large amounts of these streaming services, the dogmatic culture of today often leaves them ripe for the taking under the wing of this propaganda machine. It is no different to the boomer generation watching mainstream cable television all day, but it shows how this phenomenon has evolved with generations.

I want to tell a quick story about the exact kind of person that is affected by this. I had not seen one of my friends in a long time, and we bumped into each other on the street recently. I held my hand out to shake his hand as any man would do. As I was reaching out, he responded with the weird elbow bump people are doing at the moment. It was an awkward exchange, I must say. I responded to the incident with the classic, “that was pretty gay.” As I said that, his face turned to a look of puzzlement; it was as if I said something He was not allowed to say. I asked him why he did that, and he responded that is the way things are now, which I laughed at to his dismay. To make it less awkward, I asked him how he had been and what he was up to. We chatted for a bit like normal, and he brought up football and asked if I had been watching the Euros (This is the international European football competition that Italy just won). I responded like any nationalist would and said, “Why the hell would I watch a group of overpaid men kneeling during their nation’s anthem and disgracing their countries for a group that literally burned down cities for eight months. Half the players are not even from those countries anyway.” I tell you the look on his face that day was priceless. His response was. “What do you mean?” So I explained in great detail what I meant, leaving nothing to spare. He was a classic example of someone who is affected by the boomer truth regime. He had no idea of what was going on in the world or remotely aware of what the other side of the argument was to the one he had been prescribed on social media. Growing up, he used to be just like me; we enjoyed very similar things and had similar hobbies. This just shows it can really affect people you would not expect it to, but thinking about it, he was always just a follower in the friend group which might have something to do with it because he was not getting the constant reassurance from the group like he used to get. He brought up the same simple childish arguments I had seen the enemy make countless times, which were quickly dispatched with respect and decency. It is important to maintain composure because if he took any of it as a personal attack on himself he would switch to defensive mode and the opportunity would be lost. It was like all his views on BLM were taken off dumb memes some degenerate celebrity posted. I believe I helped change his thought process that day. Will he revert to the same old neoliberal ideology when he wakes up the next day…. Who knows, but I didn’t miss the opportunity to attack his ‘mass’ worldview that day.

My friend was infected by this, but he only had a minor case, and it was easy to get through to him after a few minutes because of the obvious flaws in the thought process he was maintaining. When thinking about this more, about how the younger generation reacts to this, a minority have it a lot worse; they tend to live in pure delusion, far detached from reality. Like I mentioned at the beginning, they attack and criticise any inconvenient truths that threaten this delusion. All you need to do is check Twitter, and you see people celebrating men and women mutilating their bodies in the name of progress. If you even mention that men cannot be women or vise versa, you get a suspension. Not only does this go against what everyone with functioning brain cells believes, but it also goes against the natural order of things, including basic science. It shows how powerful some of this propaganda has become and how debilitating it can be to some recipients. What is crazy is only an unhappy liberal minority post like this on Twitter, but they post so frequently that it has formed an unhealthy echo chamber, and some people think it is normal and the best way forward. It really has become very dangerous for these people stuck in this unhealthy mindset, and it shows. But is it worth me sacrificing my time and effort to attempt to save these people who literally hate me for existing and will not even listen to my grievances at all? No way, we tried to show these people long ago. But pointing out reality just enraged them more. I am at peace, to be honest, knowing their ideology is self-destroying, and they are literally removing themselves from the gene pool with no children and their eventual suicide. It still makes me laugh, thinking that these people were convinced to mutilate their bodies by something trending on social media over the past few years. But at the same time, I do not hate these people, I just have a strong case of pity. If only they realised they are just useful idiots to the neoliberal establishment, and they are actually on the side of evil. My family and I will be here in the generations to come, but these poor souls won’t be if they do not sort their inner demons out and see through this farcical age of global neoliberalism.

So I mentioned breaking it in the title. Which, as you may have guessed, means breaking through the mental fog prison and reaching in and pulling them out of their cell. But this is not always an easy task, as we have realised so far. 90% of the population just wants to be ruled and will accept the status quo if they can live their bourgeois, middle-class, materialistic, modern lives. While the other 10% of the population are to a greater extent awake and know the battles that are going on in our society. This means you can probably reach a great number of people, but only a few can be pulled out of this prison cell. The reason usually revolves around not wanting the stigma attached to an individual who is seen as dissenting against the establishment. As we know, you can get them to agree on a majority of things when face-to-face with them, but this one simple thing is a major barrier. That changes quickly, though, depending on who is in power, culturally or otherwise. So just think about that for a minute. So like I’ve mentioned in previous articles, you really need to pick your targets well. What can these people bring to the movement and how difficult will it be to break through the fog? It might be a case of mental gymnastics if they are heavily under the spell, but if you think they are worth it…go for it. It might just mean it will be over a longer time frame. You just need to probe and challenge constantly. But do not let it rule your relationship with them, as too much information in one go can overwhelm the human brain which can lead to a strained relationship with them.

To conclude, we have all seen this phenomenon with our friends, family, or community at some stage in our lives. They get caught up in this trance, and you question your own sanity sometimes because of how ridiculous they can be. But just remember, staying in this fight is crucial; arm yourself with solid arguments and rhetoric to combat them. The cultural tide will turn; we need only to continue to will it to do so.

6 thoughts on “Breaking the Boomer Truth Regime”

  1. I agree with most of your assertions – but I think you are mistaken in calling it the “boomer regime”. Most of this deluded narrative from BLM to ANTIFA to COVID to PC and Cancel Culture is in facet the devilspawn of generations much more recent than boomers.

    Most boomers I know are not fooled by the delusion.

    The dangerous ones are Gen Z and later Millennials.

    1. Hi Viking

      Brendan’s idea was to relate the modern forms of propaganda to the older styles, equating the two mediums and ways of passively consuming media.

      1. Ever since Satan’s Handmaiden – the pinchfaced nasty little “composting toilet tart” Chloe Swarbrick started chucking off at boomers – I’ve become somewhat gunshy at the very mention of the term.

        The rising generation are the most rabid fantasists I’ve ever seen – easily led and stupidly believed History began about 5 years ago at precisely 2.45 pm on a Sunday arvo.

        Enough to make you weep and your haemhoroids bleed.

  2. Hey viking,

    I see what you mean. Like Mike said, I am trying to talk about the evolution of all of this and how tactics have changed by our establishment with other generation . I myself feel into the trap at one stage of my life. We could even call it the zoomer truth regime as I see young people kneeling to their new BLM religion and worshipping coloured sports players.

  3. Are we all not under any numbers of psychological vampirism everyday now neither thou how enlightened we are believing ourselves to be

  4. I see that man has never been so isolated in the crowded room of community, that when he applies labeling to himself he had lost his sense of personal identity of idealism just to fit into a herd community

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