New Zealand’s current situation, which is one of rising rates of depression, increased rates of substance abuse, self-centredness and a pathogenic lust for relationships devoid of meaning, represents another addition to the Western world’s continued maintenance of the cultural-malignancies. These malignancies, such as those attitudes that foster the abovementioned afflictions, are horribly damaging to our overall well-being and spiritual health.

In this period of whimpering light which appears to be continually fading from the souls of our brothers and sisters, it is vital that we take control of the darkness which holds to our contemporaries, like a malignancy in a body-organism, until the sun rises on a new day. Last year, according to St. John New Zealand, there were over 7,000 attempted suicides by New Zealanders. As we can read in the literature, suicide rates are undeniably higher in societies which lack coherence, community, tradition and depth of meaning – i.e. things in organic cultures. The cultural distortion which is at present working to completely remove us from our organic traditions and ways of being in order to further supplant an alien parasite—or malignancy—within our culture and therefore people, must be fought by us for the sake of those who are incapable of recognising its destructive character. In tandem with this malignancy of the cultural distorters and distortions, we must also differentiate our own spiritual struggle from that which poses as an alley: that is, the petty nationalism which allowed our cultural soul to be split and injected with the parasite which fostered the previous century’s world wars. For, in truth, our struggle lies not in the existence of exterior forces, but within us; these are our inner enemies, such as contrived liberal ideas and degenerate feelings, which profess to act in our best interests. These inner enemies, or cultural distortions, are what we must rid from ourselves as well as our brothers and sisters.

The dictate of the European soul is its incessant struggle for the transcendence of its material anchors; anchors which, at present, appear most obviously in our peoples’ inorganic attachment to ideas and possessions which are spiritually alien to them. As we can all observe, when one pulls oneself away from the depravity of propagandised television shows, the natural world is nothing alike to the contrived situations that appear on one’s television screen. In nature there is no equality, and despite what the egalitarian, humanist, purported-to-be multicultural cultural distorters continually proclaim, these ideas are foreign to our organic cultural group. As such, in order for us to express our spirit in a natural and organic manner, each and every one of us—as individuals in a larger group—must seek to remove subversive elements of popular culture from our day-to-day lives. If we are not striving to overcome, we are not European.

By extracting—from ourselves—all vestiges of the cultural-distortions that flow through the veins of New Zealand’s civilisation contemporary, we will gain the strength necessary to help others overcome the plight of the present era. It is necessary to emphasise that we are not paragons of virtue. We, too, have been affected by the malignancies of the cultural distorters. What is essential is that we strive to vanquish that which is not, by nature, ours; we must struggle with our inner enemies in order to contend with the parasite and extricate ourselves from the cultural distortions that pervade New Zealand and the broader European community. In an effort to do so, we thank intellectuals and academics such as New Zealand’s K.R. Bolton as well as those vital thinkers whom he explores in his academic work. Despite Bolton’s choice to solely focus on his writing, he and others like him, along with the men of Action Zealandia, will be essential forces for change in the coming years.

Beyond recognising the transience of the materiality which the cultural distorters propagate as penultimate virtues, as Europeans, as New Zealanders, it is imperative that we acknowledge our existence as being a single cell in a far, far greater and more important organism. As with malignancies in an individual’s body, individual cells in a greater organism must combat malignancies for the betterment of the organism as a whole. The epoch-making contention that is our struggle to rid ourselves of inner enemies in order to aid the extrication of the learned egoism and the degenerative thinking of the cultural distorters is our fight against the cultural malignancy in this epoch. Not only must each cell fight in the darkness that follows dusk, but each cell, each individual, must fight to maintain, and retain, the light whence it returns. We fight for the vitality of our culture. We fight for our future.

5 thoughts on “From Dusk ‘til Dawn: The Spirit of Europe Must Rise”

  1. Your organic approach is precisely what is needed, but is often missing from the contemporary Right. It is the basis of Rightist doctrine, both as a method of analysis, as in this essay, and in its practical aim for establishing an organic community, Gemeinschaft (social community) contra Gesselschaft (civil society) in sociological terms.

    ‘Despite Bolton’s choice to solely focus on his writing …’ This is not at all by choice. But I am not going to associate with outfits such as the now thankfully defunct National Front and Right Wing Resistance, which were a travesty of the Right. The current crop of Islamophobic, libertarian, ‘one nation’ assimilationists that have dominant ed whatever ‘scene’ there is in NZ since the March 2019 lunacy are a hindrance rather than a help. Their political lineage in Whig liberalism, not the Right in any sense. A NZ journalist or an academic is not capable of understanding this, hence the puerile nature of all characterizations of the Right in NZ from such sources.

    Dominion Movement was the only outfit on the right track, and now Action Zealandia. Expect another bunch of media banality in March 2020.

    1. It is our understanding that the state of the contemporary ‘resurgence’ by faux-rightists and other purported-to-be third position groups in NZ (as observed in the recent raid on one such social media user) are ensconced in both ethos and diatribe of materially-bound platitudes. Despite the ‘oft-genuine’ feeling of such actors and groups, their existence remains, as you suggest, rather futile given that their understanding–or rather misunderstanding–of the world in which we live is severely deranged. This reality, however, is the one which we must face. As such, it is our goal to help foster a community which both helps to teach our people of societal ills as well as discourage those individuals and groups you’ve mentioned above to move beyond ideas which are, in fact, a hindrance.

      We appreciate your commentary and are sympathetic to your removal of yourself from the tripe that purports to be on the Right in the current era.

      1. I’m very happy to read this. Action Zealandia wants to build a European community, based on traditional values and at the same time restore a balance to the extreme left right divide that is going on. Bringing lone wolves back from nihilism, bringing the far left from resentment to gratitude, bringing the far right from arrogance to humility and proper respect for the culture wall. Something like that anyway. As far as I can ascertain this is a healthy movement and I enjoy reading all the articles and commentary so far.

        1. Yes, indeed, and there is more to come. We aim to have a positive impact on our people getting through this time and going into the future.

  2. Every one should cheek out first day the article from David rankin direct descendant of kupe, then you’ll ask your self why are we paying them out and giving land back that was never there’s in the first place,that should be going to the kids that go to schoose white no lunch or shoes ect ,and there’s another really interesting article in that sight about the Scottish use to exile people here before Maori arrived


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