A member felt compelled to write a speech for this occasion, given the national importance and unfortunate circumstances surrounding this years ANZAC Day.

The 25th of April is a significant day for all New Zealanders and Australians. The Gallipoli campaign not only served as our baptism of fire but also was a defining moment in our nation’s history.

The armed forces of New Zealand create a fierce reputation wherever they have served. Not only have they fostered a sense of comradery within their ranks, but they’ve also become the primary symbol of courage and sacrifice throughout New Zealand. A prime example is Charles Hazlitt Upham, awarded the VC and Bar. He was an average New Zealander who enlisted with a fiery sense of duty within his heart. He swiftly rose through the ranks, fighting with great valour and pride and finished his career with the rank of Captain. He then went on to continue his modest life. This demonstrates the lion sleeping within every New Zealander, which desperately calls to awaken.

From Gallipoli to Passchendaele, From Crete to Rome, the ANZAC legend defines the captivating moments in history and it was achieved by the undying dedication of our armed forces. Much can be gained from embodying their fighting spirit. The legendary essence of our ANZAC forefathers must guide in times of uncertainty and hardship. Our globalist foreign policies have succeeded in tantalising and threatening to strip us of our identity.

Recent times have brought the failings of the system to the forefront of public concern. The only way to move forward in is to look to our own soil and to our own people. We must look toward a unifying image to bring out the potential of our folk. This image has meticulously crafted over the generations to inspire us in our time of trouble. Brave men like Charles Upham, Sir Edmund Hillary and Sir Bernard Freyberg shaped New Zealand’s history. To realise our dreams of a prosperous future at the end of this seemingly everlasting gloomy tunnel, we must look to such figures. Only then will we ourselves live up to the prestige and character that our ancestors have bestowed upon us.

This ANZAC day, it is more even more important than ever to wake that lion that lies within us all. It’s always darkest before dawn, but in the past, we have proven that our people are truly a force to be reckoned with. Let us see the upcoming challenges as mere obstacles to greatness.

Lest we forget the brave men that have shaped our nation’s history.
Now it is our turn to make them proud and carry their legacy toward an illustrious future.

They shall not grow old.

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