Since the launch of Action Zealandia by far the most common theme of criticism has been that we conceal the identity of our members. We have faced accusations of not having convictions to stand up for our ideals, cowardice and of having an image of criminality. This criticism comes from both detractors and sometimes supporters also.

We present this article to clarify our position. Why we conceal our identity via the use of masks, blurring of faces in videos and photos and the adoption of pseudonyms and aliases.  

The most pressing reason is personal security. There are many people, from the most obsessed neo-leftist to the alphabet agencies, that would want our members and our organisation as a whole crushed and silenced for speaking out against ills of our society such as multiculturalism, international capitalism, consumerism and European displacement.

As New Zealand’s only dissident movement, our members are at risk of harassment. As we saw after March 15 shooting, a multitude of people were harassed by the police, SIS, the media and obsessed leftists. Individuals from firearms owners, civnat bloggers and genuine nationalists were harassed by the police and the other thugs and stooges for the system. I personally know several comrades who had themselves and their family harassed by police following their “community reassurance operation”. During the operation, the police would notoriously refuse to speak to the individuals they were harassing while being filmed and held to account.    

NZ civnat blogger, Nick Bush, harassed by police

This threat of harassment is still present today and will no doubt only get worse as our detractors and enemies get more desperate.  Our members have jobs, friends, families, girlfriends, wives and children. Putting our identities in the open puts our families and ourselves in major jeopardy by the above-mentioned parties with no benefit for the organisation as a whole.  

We will continue with our activism, self-improvement and community building. Our anonymity is one of our strengths.  With the anonymous nature of the movement, we are able to take part in actions we would otherwise not. The distribution of the Police memo that highlights how the police want the banks to snitch on their customers in order to put them on a watchlist. This kind of whistleblowing would not be realistically possible if we were not anonymous.

Police Memo in Question

Anonymity is a strength and we plan to stay that way, no amount of seething will change that.

15 thoughts on “Anonymity in Action Zealandia”

  1. New Zealand is already a totalitarian state just like the UK. The Harmful Digital Communications Act and hostility toward nationalists/identitarians is on-par. How much longer before it’s a hate crime to call for border closure?

    For anyone new to this – just check the URL above. In the United States they have the first amendment. Someone on Gab could call me a faggot and say “plz KYS”. If I say the same thing back, they can call the Police and have me arrested for the LULZ. I’d be facing 2 charges and be forced to attend several court appearances.

    With the amount of thrill-seeking psychopaths out there, it pays to delete or restrict all your online accounts, delete old or sensitive posts, maintain 2 or 3 phone numbers (you get better deals this way too) and delete any “friends” who you cannot verify the identity of.

    Look on the bright side. Police and SIS wouldn’t shut down AZ anyway because it isn’t in the government’s interest. Shutting down AZ would only make people more radical. Expand as you see necessary. Force the government to back off by portraying them as the dodgy boogey-men. The media can lie and social media algorithms can demote us but there are so many platforms that come and go, allowing us to stay one step ahead in the information battlespace.

    1. It is a horrible irony, isn’t it, Jeff? The lie of freedom in modern New Zealand is just that. However, because people have been convinced that because they’re, as sad as this is, free to choose (like the Friedmans’ Freedom to Choose, funnily enough) whatever products and such that they want to consume, along with them having the power to supposedly choose (even though we know how contrived that is) what they watch and what they listen to, many are convinced they’re sleepwalking to victory. Of course, they couldn’t be more wrong. As we’ve heard as a result of the recent COVID-19 drama, the government is looking to test out some more monitoring applications of their own — taking on after Google and China, among others.

      We will continue on our merry journey, building a community for European New Zealanders. It seems, though, that people — shockingly — do listen to and believe the absolute tripe that journalists put out about us to a degree. Luckily, despite the lies that they like to publish, we aren’t involved in anything illegal or even close to terrorism, so I’m sure you’re right about the security services not being very interested in us.

      1. I have two points to make in response to Mike E’s post if I may:

        1. The Challenge we as European advocates face, is not the education of our people to enable them to wake up to the reality of their oppression, but rather, the undoing of their brainwashing, which has gone on for multiple generations. We have to convince our fellow Europeans not only of the fact that most of what they see on mainstream media is very specifically aimed (and lobbied) propaganda, but also of the fact that what their daddy and grandpop has told them is also propaganda manipulated tripe. That is quite the challenge as it pits our word against that of their own flesh and blood underpinned by love and respect for their ancestry. This multiple generational propaganda has permeated our society to such as degree that is has manifested itself as a “Weltanschauung” (worldview) which is difficult to contradict.
        2. Our beliefs are in fact a crime. Anyone who believes otherwise is unfortunately optimistically naïve. Thoughtcrime is currently an unofficially applied concept. The video above is evidence of that (to a degree). Any civil servant or public official who refuses to act in public represents a sinister agenda (deep state kinda stuff). The fact that AV voices it’s opinions in public, makes it a (thought) criminal organization, even if only unofficially so. In terms of terrorism, I believe it is evident that AV fits the bill also, at least on an intellectual level. Our traditional, conservative ideals do in fact strike terror in certain circles. We can take comfort in that, however, due to the immutable fact that the truth will withstand close scrutiny and prevail.

        FATE IS INEXORABLE and the Gods are Laughing.

        1. Hi, Andy.
          One could say that education and the undoing of brainwashing are one and the same, no? I completely agree with your overarching point! Our contemporaries are so far removed from their ‘natural’ selves that they are in opposition to it in many respects. Again, it is a horrible irony.
          Although I wouldn’t say that we are necessarily *conservative* we’re quite aware of how demonised our opinions and actions are, but one must remain optimistic even if it is only to relish the chance to push oneself and struggle on. As you suggest, fate *is* inexorable; Amor Fati, then!
          Cheers and best wishes.

          1. Thanks for setting me straight on that point. It was quite a presumption to call people like us “conservative”. However I maintain that undoing brainwashing and re-educating people are not not quite the same thing. The process of “waking up” is often quite long and even painful. I speak from experience having been well and truly indoctrinated in the NZ School System and then in the NZ Defense Force. I’ve had to deal with letting go of a lot of pride and some of my previously established identity ,within the NZ culture as well as western society in general, in order to reconcile what I have learned with who I am as a man. I’ve lost good friends and even some of my family in the process. It’s no small thing to encourage others to do the same.
            Nonetheless, you are perfectly right about having to stay optimistic. It is easy to forget to face our struggle with a joyful defiance, yet that is exactly the right attitude. A kind of battlejoy if you will.
            Deus Vult. ?!

          2. I don’t think it counts as re-education if you’re learning things for the first time. A lot of what I now understand about traditions has come from reading rather than growing up in a world devoid of meaning. Pedantry, in this instance, seems silly. I’m not sure that we share the same definitions of words like conservative and what they connote

    2. The other day I read that the youngest web users go online to be entertained and educated, but they do not write blogs or connect with people from different walks of life. So they are just using the web for Netflix, YouTube and Steam; avoiding civil and political discussion for the most part. This is why people believe the media – they don’t leave their online bubble. The only time people get all political is when they get involved in these “people powered” campaigns, which generally have the support of government and media and big business. We need to bring that CNN SUCKS thing here to New Zealand. It isn’t enough to subvert the media and work around them. They need to be shamed and confronted while they’re on the job.

      The more the shopping mall lifestyle becomes popular, the starker the difference between ideologies (accelerate the conSOOMption!) Jokes aside, it should be obvious to everyone that shopping and consuming products is an ideological view, and that it is artificially created. All forms of entertainment are contrived, they result from sales statistics and social engineering, both of which depend upon metrics. Shut off the data leaks that these advertising companies exploit, and go local. Once you stop using the apps and websites of big companies and instead spend money on shit that actually matters, that will cause a reaction because of economics and metrics.

      If the government ever throws out “helicopter money”, as discussed in the news today, then I’ll lease a server for $20 a month, host it in Auckland, and then convert Kiwis to my own services, starting with email and blogs. Eventually I’d like to have developers who would create new features. Ideally I would have people pay a few dollars for things like themes and features. Better still if I could offer streaming for verified people (gamers for example) or video chat that’s not Zoom. Seems that people are quite happy to have Gmail and Outlook harvest their data and track them around the web with advertising.

      1. It’s true. ‘Consent’ here, like in the rest of the West, is, like Herman and Chomsky wrote about, manufactured. It’s all rather calculated, and insidiously so. It would appear that in their desperation to control the population the entertainment industry is doing a particularly good job of maintaining people’s attention, if not completely controlling the ideological paradigm.
        I wrote an article at midday today upon hearing about the revelation that is the ‘Helicopter Money’scheme. Like the rest of the articles I’ve written, it’s a critique of consumer culture and those actors who avidly promote, if not force, it. The language used to describe it by government ministers and various economists was rather troubling to me. With that being said, I like your idea of actively using their propaganda bucks against them.

  2. I think its essentiall for anyone that hold beliefs like ours to hide our identities. They need to uncover us, to directly attack and discredit us, create histeria destroy your name basically take you out at the knees before you can accomplish anything.
    For a long time I’ve kept to myself, held my beleifs, rasied my famiy strong nationalists without imposing any of my ideals on outsiders whatsoever. Years back being abit naive fell into a couple of groups that preached well, but were inherently degenerate and didnt practise any of it.
    Long story short my name identity etc were exposed and collected in database.
    even though I’d been an averedge business owner keep to myself person for years, christchuch shootings happen and I’m insantly harrsed and interogated by the CIB and international police!!!! who didnt wanna hear about the shootings at all in my opinion, They where using this to there advantage try narrow down people who might be a risk of actually standing together AND GOD FORBID come to agree with each other and dislike the sinking zionist ofal pit of slavery . even convince other people!!
    Just thought id share abit of my experience and importance to hide identiy, but at the same time get the word out and do what it takes whilst being hidden, This is alot more affective in my opnion.
    I am really excited to for the first time in NZ see a real group come together like this and very much would love to be apart of it!!

    1. Neil, your story is what keeps me so cautious about revealing my opinions publicly which I appreciate. However, the fact that keeping a low profile hasn’t worked well for you, highlights the fact that we are being monitored in the public arena. Whilst the internet has allowed us far more access to current information than any time before in history (perhaps), I’m afraid it has also made it easier for the “powers that be” to monitor us. One must stop seeing this in terms of whether we are breaking any laws by expressing our opinions, but rather in terms of how easy it is for the opposition to gather intel on the “nationalist/dissident” movement(s) and respond to it on the intellectual and public spheres where we can be easily discredited and ridiculed. Anything posted in this, or any other, forum can easily be taken out of context by any media organization and used to discredit and ostracize our people putting us on the defensive once again. I say this not to be overly negative (which I seem to myself to be), but rather to promote caution.
      With that said: It is my personal opinion that it is perhaps time to stand up for our right to pursue the kind of world we want to live in by being outspoken and truthful. As our ancestors have already understood long ago:
      1. The World is good – Prosperity and life is good and we should live it with joy and enthusiasm.
      2. We are free to shape our lives to the extent allowed by our skill and might. – there is no limitation imposed by the will of any external entity.
      3.We do NOT need salvation. – (At least not from any State.)
      4. We are connected to our ancestors. – They paved our way through their blood, sweat and tears. (White Privilege?)
      5. We are connected to all our living kin. – To our families and to every man and woman rooted in the tribes of Europe.
      6. We are connected to Nature and its Laws. – Abstract political concepts repel the truth.
      7. Morality Does not depend on commandments (Law). – Rather commandments are a result of morality. The reversal of this concept is immoral. (it puts the cart before the horse)
      8. We do not fear higher powers or consider ourselves their slaves. – Rather we seek community and fellowship with them as our equals.

  3. # just a rant to add to that im pissed they have taken anzac day they have been trying for years. im still marching the dawn in honour of my grandfather! what are you guys doing??

    1. Despite many of our members having relatives who fought in the war we are respecting the lockdown procedures. Our great grandparents, if they are still alive, appear to be rather susceptible to the virus.

  4. Hi Mike, an update for you on my technology ideas. I asked some people and at this stage it isn’t realistic to host anything more than a static HTML website, here in New Zealand. With an NZ host you’d be lucky to get any more than 400MB of hard drive space but with Linode for example, I can get 25GB of SSD for about $10 NZD per month.

    VoIP for all you gamers reading this lol. On Linode I could host a Linux mail server with Round Cube webmail and a few other things, maybe VoIP, Rocket Chat, Matrix or Media Goblin. I like Round Cube because it’s simple to use, yet the search feature and ability to create trees of folders is very powerful for advanced users.

    This looks great too:

    It can host sound files, videos, documents and images. I have the technical skill to install it on a server of my own. No advertising. No tracking. No dependency. Very few rules besides don’t break the law. Unfortunately Kiwis have become brainwashed by American and Chinese tech companies (even my family is part of the Zoom craze). The first question people will ask is whether they can get an Android app for Media Goblin, LOL. Why would a person run a totally independent service, only to then rely upon Google Play, which is a totally controlled app store that can ban your app any time.

    Google Play services is a background app on Android phones that cannot be uninstalled. If you disable it, then it will relaunch itself just like a virus. All these Android apps that people love so much are trading info with shadowy internet marketing companies each time they call home or interact with another app in the background.

    The only solution is to run free software on a server that you pay for and control. When I say free software, I mean free as in freedom, not free as in free beer. I find it very funny how Android is supposedly this amazing “open source, free Linux system” but I can’t uninstall YouTube, Gmail, Google Play store or the Google app. Wow, so much freedom. Thanks Google.

    1. It’s as if they have a monopoly on thought as well as the market! How appropriate! This monopoly of thought reaffirms the monopoly these tech giants have on the market as well. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle in a way. When you control the system by which things run you can control the paradigm in which they exist. Totalitarianism, anyone?

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