For several decades New Zealand, along with its neighbour Australia, has built up an unhealthy relationship with China that poses a significant threat to the European-oriented Pacific. This relationship, brought to us by the wonders of globalisation and its associated culturally-rotting attitudes, is one which New Zealand and New Zealanders would do well to rid ourselves of if we are to maintain any resemblance of an ever-diminishing European-Kiwi culture. In order to do this New Zealand must attain a presence of the realpolitik that other countries possess and become more self-determinant as a country.

The ever-present menace of globalisation and the increasingly soul-crushing cultural distortions and cultural malignancies that it provides are only worsened by our sickly relationship with the Chinese behemoth. Our relationship with China, as highlighted by New Zealand academic Kerry Bolton over the previous decades, is one which is encouraged by the culturally-carcinogenic United States in order to push us ever-closer toward the void that is a globalised, one-world system. That system being, of course, the imperialism of our era: liberal democracy. Liberal democracy, which in practice acts as a totalitarian economic system, poses as a bulwark against the evils of the world, steadily leading us down the garden path toward – hinting at the wonders to come every step of the way – what its proponents deceptively propose to be a future of equality and liberty for all. However, as any individual who has spared a thought for the degradation of culture and spirit of any people who at present exist in the modern world will have noticed, liberal democracy is nothing more than a limitless void of largely meaningless consumerism. In reality, there is no such thing as equality, and the road to freedom is not paved with Chinese-manufactured ‘goods’ and the sweat of unskilled, migrant labourers.

The Chinaman ignores his disgusting environment because he does not care for his homeland.

This limitless void of destructive capability claws at anything that resembles high culture and, wherever and whenever it can, sinks its teeth into its flash, taking chunks out of it until it begins to resemble a harrowing veneer of what was once beautiful. This most-often detestable replication or outright replacement of high culture comes in the form of all things globalist, and therefore all things liberal. These things — such as post-modern art, monstrous glass architecture and the likes of the particularly insipid cultural studies — are what each and every one of us can observe in the previously-Western world today. Ideas and actions previously unthinkable or abhorred by the general public in the previous decades are almost universally accepted as the new norm. What was previously revered is now derided. Things which are a bit iffy for the people today will be drummed into us as moral goods as we’re told they’re ‘imperative for progress to take place’; and before you know it we’ll be a few years older wondering why it is that everything continued to worsen. Previously-held values have — almost — vanished, replaced by more appropriate ‘progressive’ ones. These new, ‘progressive’ norms mock and demean those norms of the previous era until the children of the next generation wonder how people could ever have thought as they did. The culture of yesteryear entirely discarded, replaced by continually-worsening consumption habits that are making way for a newer, brighter future through the wonders of liberal, democratic values which place the transient whims of egotistical individuals as our collective raison d’être.

China’s role – along with the vital aid of modern imperialism’s greatest proponent, the United States – in New Zealand’s gradual decline is one which floods our country with its foreign citizens along with its shoddy products and market influence. All the while it sucks our natural resources dry with the now-privatised primal industries with special thanks to the neoliberal reforms of the previous generations. Through mass migration and cultural decay, the liberal plan which tells Kiwis that they’re sleepwalking to victory with their heads held high will both culturally and biologically replace the very people who created this country; and China, with the blessing of this imperialist agenda, will be the country that ensures our demise. As Bolton has highlighted, slowly but surely China improves its position within New Zealand, especially since the free trade deal we signed with China in 2004. Whether that be through political pressure, the import of political actors, voters or through exports and imports, the cultural disease that China is continually sending us will have ultimate consequences for us. While China maintains its servile citizenry and strengthens its borders as well as its naval forces, government after government in New Zealand continue to invite the menace into our home, and all for the auspice of relative economic security and general comfort. As we have now seen with the Chinese gift of COVID-19, our pathetic excuse for a relationship with China offers us even less than previously understood. It is, in reality, more harmful than it is good. It is the attitudes, such as the worship of the economy and moral relativism, that are pushed and normalised in liberal democracies that have allowed for both the virus and China’s power over us to exist. We must change this. It is vital that we do.

Cruel, soulless Chinese treatment of dogs which are to be eaten. The Chinese are known to cook dogs — along with other animals — alive to supposedly heighten the flavour.

Sir David Skegg, Otago University administrator, professor, medical doctor and researcher, said in a recent Government livestream conference that New Zealand has a limited opportunity to potentially extinguish the virus by maintaining heightened border controls along with other measures. A lockdown on its own is not enough, Skegg repeated multiple times, reiterating that more must be done in order to keep control of the virus. Well, as we have mentioned in previous articles, if New Zealand as a country was to severely limit or completely cease the movement of foreign nationals from entering our country, predicaments such as this one could be avoided in the future. This, specifically in reference to the Chinese menace mentioned throughout this article, would also provide New Zealanders with the opportunity to change direction and move away from becoming a Chinese-Asian dominated region of the world. Simultaneously and in addition to this vital point, if New Zealanders were to begin to focus more on national interests related to self-sustainability and self-determination in order to economically replace the space left by China, we would be in a far better position going into the future which at present suggests a world with a more powerful China. Given, as health professionals such as Skegg suggest, that border measures will have to be maintained for at least 12 months. This will give New Zealanders sufficient time to reorient themselves in a world less dominated by global trade to one more focused on national self-sufficiency as well as trade partners that represent less of a threat to our people and culture. Because China sees New Zealand, along with other countries in the South and Western Pacific, simply as a means to controlling the region, we will only improve our overall wellbeing by ridding ourselves of their lingering stench.

What New Zealand needs, what we need, is to move away from this liberal democratic system which is fostering our eventual demise and to, instead, head towards action through realpolitik as opposed to trade-dominated and seriously lacking foreign policy. New Zealanders must seek to take control of our own destiny by denouncing and stepping over the malignant existence that culture-deprived liberal attitudes and systems offer. By ridding our shores of the Chinese hordes, along with their squalor-conceived viruses and inferior products, Kiwis will regain strength through their improved self-reliance, and, ultimately, self-respect. For no self-respecting country, nor people, can live with their heads held high while living under the thumb of demeaning systems of governance and alongside the very menace that aims to devour them. By taking action now we give ourselves the opportunity to create a greater future for us and ours.

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  1. Excellent analysis, as is usual for A-Z.

    Have a look at Youtube for the 1975 BBC drama series ‘Survivors’ – rather prophetic.

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