Featuring Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick and James

Points of discussion:
00:12 Coronavirus and New Zealand three weeks into lockdown
35:25 Music Break
40:50 How joining Action Zealandia has effected our individual members

Featured music:
Amalec – Palästinalied v.2

2 thoughts on “Voice Of Zealandia Episode 2”

  1. We are hearing about lifting the lockdown and how and when it may occur.

    The thoughts that come to mind now are:

    1. Was the virus exactly what ‘they’ told us it was and were the statistics truthful?
    2. Was this globally scripted lockdown to prevent mass death around the planet, or was there a hidden agenda?
    3. Was the global lockdown a beta test or trial run to see how populations and individuals react to fear, police state authority with its associated loss of rights and freedom?
    4. Was this event orchestrated by entities such as the World Health Organization and the likes of Bill Gates et al to bring in mandatory vaccines and/or micro-chipping with vaccination compliance certificates etc to grant permission to work, travel etc?
    5. Was it orchestrated by big pharma and their ilk to make money with miracle cures?
    6. Was it planned by those who control the money and stock markets to bring about a massive wealth transference?
    7. Was it a deliberate move to collapse the global economy to bring in a new currency/monetary system after people became desperate and the old system was shown to be susceptible to collapse?
    8. Will there be any new, restrictive legislation introduced as a result?
    9. Are there any nations in the world who are fighting this push for more centralized control?
    10. Are there even any elements of society around the world opposed to loss of liberty in exchange for greater (appearance of) ‘safety’?
    11. Is the Q movement (Qmap.pub) in the USA one such element?
    12. Are there other nations aligned with the USA ‘Q’ movement with regard to taking down the globalist/socialist/communist New World Order agenda?
    13. If the Q movement is not real, why is the mainstream working so hard to discredit it along with Trump and the alternative media….why are there agents provocateur (like Austin Steinbart) masquerading as Q to sow seeds of doubt and dissension amongst the populace?
    14. Are there some countries who are savvy
    to such a diabolical plot by globalists, and are they also working behind the scenes during this physical and economic threat/attack to counter the totalitarian tiptoe?
    15. How many nations will capitulate?
    16. How many nations will survive with their sovereignty?
    17. Is there a simple explanation for this unprecedented event in human history?
    18. How effective has this event been in getting the people’s attention, and motivated them to do some serious research into the cause, effect…and true history?
    19. Have we all been played, deceived, conned, or are we about to be?
    20. Is Trump going to clean house, or is he just a puppet of the cabal as most politicians around the world and their predecessors have been?
    21. Who or what is the real threat?
    22. What are the lessons learnt?
    23. Where to from here?

    My guess is that the answers to these questions will become more apparent in the not too distant future.

    Cheers guys.

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