Voice of Zealandia Episode 29 – Supporters Network

Action Zealandia members Hector and Zane have a chat with Savitri of the National Supporters Network. They discuss the benefits of joining the Supporters Network and many activities the Network partakes in. This is followed by a discussion on current affairs. Join the Supporters Network! https://action-zealandia.com/supporter Music:Enough – Awaiting Dawnhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYr929dBuWw

Voice of Zealandia Episode 27 – Australian Action

Action Zealandia members Hector and Fredrick interview the spokesman of Australian Action, the newest Nationalist organization in Australia. Topics of discussion include Aus Action’s ideals, the Nationalist scene in Australia as well at the absolute current state of New Zealand and Australian politics. Australian Action: https://www.australianaction.org/ https://t.me/AusAction