After our latest flyer drop, a Maori Journalist, Bronson Eruera Perich, from Te Karere has requested an interview with AZ. AZ member Zane acts as the spokesman for AZ to explain our ideas to the public, the possibility of cooperation with Maori in the struggle for workers and more.

6 thoughts on “Interview with Bronson Eruera Perich, Journalist with TVNZ’s Te Karere”

  1. A white journalist would not be capable of thinking of these types of questions. Zane’s response was among the best explications of the Rightist viewpoint I have heard anywhere at any time.

    However, if the interview is aired, what’s the bet that it will be mangled down to a minute from Zane and a multiplicity of dishonest junk from individuals pretending to have felt ‘threatened’?

    1. Hi, Viking.
      My thinking is that it went above Perich, who may have released the interview if it were up to him, due to the lack of reactionary and inflammatory comments made by Zane. The nature of contemporary media outlets leaves a lot to be desired — it is no wonder New Zealanders explicitly do not trust them and find them to be pathetic in most cases.

      1. Well i am not a member of A Z being an observer from another generation – I am horrified by the inflammatory lies from the Herald.

        A Z may be a lot of things – but the throwaway line “neo-nazi” ISNT one of them.

        Yet they ignore the oh-so-very totalitarian activities of the Cancel-Culture Stormtroopers rampaging around civil society inciting illegal actions against private citizens simply because they have opinions.

        Media are complicit – and I for one find NZ media nauseating with their Ardern and panty-waist PC liberal arsekissing. It’s enough to make your stomach turn.

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