Featuring Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick and John.
Today’s topics include leaving Level 4 Lockdown, ANZAC day discussion, Trump, North Korea, H.P. Lovecraft and Corneliu Codreanu

Introduction- 0:11
Coronavirus – 0:34
ANZAC Day – 8:08
Trump – 21:10
North Korea – 24:04
Music Break – 33:05
Book discussion – 36:20
For My Legionaries and Corneliu Codreanu discussion – 42:01

featured music:
Xurious ft. Mama P – Ever Forward

5 thoughts on “Voice of Zealandia Episode 3 – Corona, ANZAC Day, Korea and Codreanu”

  1. I recently watched some videos about the Dune series on YouTube. Frank Herbert wrote 6 books in the series and died before writing a 7th. I recommend watching YouTube to find an interview with Frank Herbert from the 1980s.

    (related music)

    I haven’t read the novel of “Scanner Darkly”, but I saw the 2006 film, partly because it has Alex Jones in one scene. Plus, the whole plot is mysterious and conspiracy themed! I’ve tried reading literature but usually it makes me bored, with the exception of “Heart Of A Dog” which was actually great because it’s humourous.




    I can’t stress that enough. Sure he might have accidentally murdered thousands and he might have used barrel bombs, but not everyone can afford predator drones and Tomahawks. The amazing thing about Assad is that he just keeps on going and going and going. Nothing can stop that guy, not human rights NGOs nor the CIA. Definitely in my top 3 favourites of contemporary world leaders.

    I think that this episode is the best yet. A good mix of historical and current day topics. I disagree that level 3 lockdown will cause many new infections. Just wait until level 2 for the trouble to really begin, and then it’s right back to level 4 again.

    We’re in for a bumpy next 10 years. On the Monday episode of the David Knight show, David Knight suggested that the US will have to go to war after covid-19, to boost their economy. The boomers will all be dead soon. Yung millennials and zoomers are left to deal with the consequences of the War On Terror, the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, covid-19 and the approaching economic crash. Good luck surviving to everyone who reads this!

    Don’t bother with a mortgage and a car, just rent a central city apartment that has a bike shed. Things are changing around here. From now on I’m giving the finger to any land lord who can’t offer a secure bike shed (including a charge station) or a garage. How the fuck am I supposed to get around if there’s nowhere to put a car, or even a tiny little bike. It’s like being a child again.

    “Just park it on the roadside dude.” Yeah and have frosted windows, a cold engine, damage to my mirrors and people breaking into it? lol no thanks.

    Life is basically unwinnable at this point. Even if I had a university degree and top grades I’d still be answering the phones or working in the warehouse, no way would I get a high salary in my twenties. Almost nobody does.

    Now is the time for everyone to go really hard – find creative ways to promote AZ and evade platforms which censor. Find cheaper and better ways to do stuff. Invest in the kind of future that we need, not the kind of imaginary future that we want but most likely will never have.

    1. That’s an interesting perspective you have about life being unwinnable (as opposed to be winnable, I suppose?), Jeff. I wonder, what constitutes winning in this era? My feeling is that you’re better off removing yourself from the present paradigm of thought and bourgeois existence and instead, coming at life from a different angle that isn’t completely fucked. This may be hard to do for those of us who work 40-60 hour weeks when we’re not in lockdown, but it will certainly help with the spiritual struggle people are facing given the bleak landscape of modernity. I’ve found that obsessing over the trivialities of modern life is not worth the effort. All the best.

      1. Although money is never the goal, everything in life costs some amount of money, even important/worthy things.

        1. Find enjoyable ways to spend your time that are cheap or free, then! My point was to do what you can to avoid thinking monetarily where possible. Stressing or incessantly concerning oneself with such things that are out of one’s control is largely pointless and depressing!

  2. I forgot to paste this:



    One of you mentioned that your phone listens to your voice 24-7 and targets you with ads. Well, PinePhone is one of the possible future solutions, along with LineageOS which runs on Moto X4 phones but not much else (unless you’re wealthy and can easily spend $700 on a phone). These systems are made by real people, not by tech companies. There won’t be many apps available but it’s good for anyone who wants phone calls, SMS, maps and mobile browsing.

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