Featuring Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick, Mike and Gilbert This episodes discussion of the National Party leadership change, China’s Influence in New Zealand, new abortion laws and the tragic murder of young Swedish man, Tommie Lindh

Intro: 00:11
New National Party Leader: 00:38
China Discussion and General Societal Rot: 06:00
Music Break: 35:40
Abortion Law Discussion: 41:20
Tommie Lindh: 56:20

Featured Music Amid The Ruins 1453 – What We Are https://otklon.bandcamp.com/

7 thoughts on “Voice of Zealandia Episode 5 – China, Rot of Society and Tommie Lindh”

  1. It’s so encouraging to hear a local take on current issues that goes beyond the petty concerns of little men.
    I‘m a regular listener of a certain Nordic radio show, and while this is obviously early days, you compare favourably.

  2. I have been waiting years, for a New Zealand website to popup, independent of the MSM so we can find out what is REALLY going on in our country.
    Thank you for starting it chaps, and keeping us informed.
    If the site grows, I will at a later date start make regular donations. PLEASE grow this site, we need it.

  3. God gives life, and only God can take it away.
    These Politicians who passed that Abortion Bill are disgusting Evil people.
    May they ROT in Hell.

  4. This is the REAL reason for the riots in America.
    The death of George Floyd, was only the catalyst to make them happen.
    I would strongly suggest the New Zealand Government & Police watch this video.
    Somehow I think certain people in our Government already knew this was going to happen.
    The constant attacks on the ‘President of the United States’ by our news media is very transparent.
    God help all our countries if this is the case.

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