Featuring Voice of Zealandia regulars Hector and Fredrick and guest Chris McCabe. Topics include Chris’s time in the NZ National Front, His time in Britain and a discussion of NZ history taught in schools
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:40 Chris McCabe and the NZ National Front
00:16:35 BLM Discussion and the media
00:42:30 Chris’s time in the UK
00:51:22 Teaching the treaty in school, NZ history and Maori Nationalism

Chris’s website https://theeuropeannewzealander.net/

3 thoughts on “Voice of Zealandia Episode 7 – featuring Chris McCabe”

  1. This is an exemplary, informative chin-wag between McCabe and yourselves.

    There seems to be a plethora of pseudo-rightist groups emerging in reaction to the Labour government. However, as far as I am aware the only actual ‘Rightist’ endeavors are yourselves and McCabe’s ‘European New Zealander”, both of which set standards high. The sundry groups seem libertarian, often based on the ‘one nation’ melting pot assimilationist, Whig ideology, and hence no more from the ‘Right’ than a Trotskyist grouplet.

    McCabe explains the situation wit the NZ NF well; the stereotypical shallowness and lack of ideological substance. Unless even the rank and file membership of an organisation has at least a broad conception of ideology and history, there will be no permanence, as the NF even in Britain in its heyday showed, when it only took Thatcher making references to restricting immigration for the mass of members and of voters to suddenly fall away.

    It is fortunate that AZ and McCabe are building from nothing, as it gives a clean sweep of decades of banality.

  2. Well said Mr Bolton, but do you really think of the years during which you’ve been active as amounting to nothing and “decades of banality”?

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