Our latest interview with hosts Joe, Zane, and Fred, and special guest Australian nationalist Blair Cottrell. We touch on how Blair came to his worldview, the current state of the dissident right, and how we should act going forward.

2 thoughts on “Voice of Zealandia Episode 35 – Blair Cottrell”

  1. Ah the insufferable Blair Cottrell. The only person LARPing here is Blair “do nothing goyim” – “just sit back goyim” His talking points read like an ASIO de-radicalization program. I laughed through much of this, his incessant need to blame “neo-Nazis” for his failure is a trope, his entire movement failed because radicals wanted to destabilize the system he says he hates??? yet also participates in??. He’s the kicked out of 100 bars- it’s the bars fault guy. The cuckservative blaming muh neo-nazis for why his milquetoast lame policies aren’t popular.

    It’s hilarious that after all these years the “muh optics” argument still exists. (because of LARPers like Blair) The January 6 Capitol meme riot is the perfect example, they don’t fear the one-man-army-Blair they fear large gatherings of White men regardless of “optics”. Q shaman viking helmet dude drives more fear into people in power than roid rage Cottrell.

    Ironic that Blair talks about ideology when challenged he quickly resorts to “YOU’RE A NEO NAZI” and blocks you faster than any libtard. Seriously he talked more about neo-Nazis than the enemy here then says they are the “suspicious ones”?

    Seems he’s forgotten all of Mein Kampf. “Posterity will not remember those who pursued only their own individual interests, but it will praise those heroes who renounced their own happiness.-
    Mein Kampf

    Also shame on you boys for not challenging him when he was clearly making digs at your operations. I could sense in your voices you wanted to say something against him but for whatever reason held your tongue.

    1. There seems to be a significant divide between some nationalistic-minded individuals and groups as far as optics goes. From my perspective, and I’m not very familiar with many other country’s scenes, individual narcissts are almost as negative as the people who believe neo-nazism or any similar platform is a viable strategy in the contemporary era. Throwing Romans and taking pictures with swastikas is not going to garner support in any meaningful way. It is an anachronism. You will do more harm in the short time that you exist as a group than any potential good you may do by acting decently and with decorum. Think longer.

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