Action Zealandia Members Hector, Fredrick and Gilbert interview special guest, world renowned writer Dr Kerry Bolton. Kerry’s involvement within New Zealand nationalism along with his writing are discussed. Also discussed is the state of The Right in New Zealand and worldwide

Intro: 00:00
Kerry’s Involvement in the Nationalist Scene: 00:44
The New Zealand Right and its future: 5:23
Free market shills within the Right: 10:32
Kerry’s ideal financial system: 16:45
Anti-Islam and the state of civnats: 22:11
The lemming principle: 26:32
Music break: 34:17
Judith Collins and the election: 37:42
Give nothing to racism ads: 44:13
Hate speech laws: 49:34 Kerry Bolton’s writing: 55:58
The Right using The Progressives moral framework: 58:00
Outro: 1:07:28

Kerry Bolton’s Website

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