Video Reports

This month and all future months going ahead our written action reports will largely be replaced with our new Video Reports

Nationwide Postering

This month the members of Action Zealandia from up and down the country continued our nationwide postering campaign. Notably, members from Nelson postered the office of MP Nick Smith, a member of the traitorous national party.

Mt Ruapehu Climb

On February 15th, fifteen members of Action Zealandia from across New Zealanad travelled to Mt Ruapehu with the objective of conquering the mountain. After camping in the shade of the mountain, all members began the ascent. This was regarded by the membership who attended as the most rewarding action taken since the group’s inception.

4 thoughts on “February 2020 Action Summary”

  1. Please keep up the good work lads!
    Only through cooperation and team work
    Like this will we free ourselves from the evil
    Influence of globalists. Im filled with hope &
    Courage that one day our people can stare
    Evil in the eye and say “No more! We shall Not go quitely into the night!”
    Not only do we need strong men but
    In my opinion we need women too.
    Girls that want a traditional family and a
    Good husband.
    Everyday we must work to show women the
    Right was to live and behave.
    Should we fail, god help us all.
    Look, I don’t pretend to know everything.
    Only by helping each other can we prevail.
    Very few movements stand the test of time.
    Everyone must actively participate as much as they can.
    Call it what you will but in my experience
    Only through mutual friendship will we
    Convince out people they have a right to
    Keep their land.

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